Zazzles is collarless again this time for keeps. I spotted him this morning down in the blackcurrant bushes thrashing around. Upon investigation I noticed he had somehow hooked his collar around a branch and was struggling to pull it off. I managed to release him and removed the collar. The easy release is not as easy as the manufacturers make out. As I told Ellen a little while ago,if a cat doesn't want it a cat won't have it.
A little more colour in the garden the tiny Scarlet Pimpernels have started to show,four clumps of them with little flowers and a lot more buds to come,a carpet of red will soon adorn the border hopefully.

You may remember a bramble invaded the mint container riddling it with roots. I tipped it out and left in to break down before digging the old roots out. I thought it was a job for this morning and there I found growing out amongst the dead bramble roots are tiny mint shoots,a very resilient plant is mint.

Quote of the day
Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

JULES RENARD (1864-1910)