The miniature white roses are starting to bloom in the front garden,the pinks and reds won't be far behind.There is also a little more colour appearing out the back.
Here's a tip for you,never take the rise off woman washing her car if you have to pass by that way on the trip back. I did that yesterday and on my return she was stood at the edge of the garden with a gleam in her eye.After a few pleasantries I passed peacefully enough only for the back of my legs (I was wearing shorts) to be hit by a stream of water from a high pressure hose,I turned to counter attack but was repelled by a dose of the same on my face.I am now plotting my revenge.
It's good to have nice neighbours.
The postman delivered a letter today from HM Revenue and Customs,these letters send a chill down the spine. I opened it with a feeling of trepidation and sighed with relief it was a cheque for the princely some of £10 an overpayment rebate from year.There is one thing you can be sure of with the taxman discrepancies either way will be rectified
All this and it's not even lunch time.

Garden photos here.

quote of the day
Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic, and so am I.
Oscar Levant