Well another birthday draws to a close and I feel no older.
Stephen was round earlier with a bottle of 10 year old Irish malt whiskey for me,that will hit the spot right enough.
Gemma followed with a cute little sign from her and Carl.It's hung on the wall now.
From Ellen I had 4 bottles of proper British ales and a speckly T shirt,my kids know what I like.Carl is at work and will call tomorrow.
I had a lovely card from Jenny and a few E cards as well as messages on here,F/B,Yahoo Messenger,Skype and e mail. plus the mobile phone I haven't even got round to yet,apart to read the messages from Jenny and Mandi. I had the added bonus of the bird feeder I told you about arriving two days early of course
All is quiet now Stephen and Gemma are away home,Ellen has gone to ready for bed preparing for another 5am start in the morning and the cats who have behaved well all day are in the garden playing chase
I am sat here now waiting for Jenny's nightly call later and getting ready to sip a glass of Irish Whiskey and a Guinness. An Irish night in homage to my Irish forebears. Pure bliss. Slainte
and a special Slainte to Gracie and Rick who are raising a glass to my health tonight,isn't that just the sweetest thing?

That's Gemma in the background and Ellen's knees