On the problem of a cat feeder there are several requirements.
The food containers have to be a lot higher off the ground with a shelf of some sort to stop the food falling to the floor and tempting the birds down. All round visibility is a must cats can creep up on the blind side of the present one with it's thick base and stand and it must be portable.
After thrashing ideas around with Jenny this is the plan,A two metre long pole with 3 hooked brackets for the feeders to hang off welded near the top, 2 more lower down with a dish for water and one for crumbs to catch the bits off the fat balls which are crumbly.these will need rings to slot the dishes in
I have some steel rods,2 cake tins for bowls,some metal primer,undercoat and a neighbour has a welder all I needed was a long pole and an aerosol of car paint for the top coat. The it hit me.
What am I making this for? There must be a market for them and where there is a market there are sellers.
A quick trip to E Bay found the stand pictured,under a tenner,free p&p, a few adjustments in the positioning of the trays and I have it. A lot of work saved.
Top feeders are my eye level, high enough,tray for scraps,water bowl and all round visibility. Job done.Safety for the birds I hope and no chance of it being uprooted and smashed as the other one was in the storms. It arrived two days early and nice extra birthday pressie
Good luck birdies

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