A funny day here weather-wise with the sun and clouds battling for supremacy.
with this is mind a flashed the pass for my Sunday jaunt to town. Nothing exciting to report on the food I bought just the same good bargains.I did get a 6 for the price of 4 deal on Chunky KitKats so split the pack 3 each,mine will last a lot longer the Ellen's I do know that.
It's Father's Day here today and the kids got me the stuff in the photo.
Do you notice a recurring theme.

Another couple of photos of kitty. Zazzles doesn't pose for photos unlike his vain brother but he did come and sit on my little table yesterday so I got this close up.

Later on he toddled off for a kip taking one of the little mice with him,wherever he sleeps a mouse goes with him

In the books Sherlock Holmes never said the popular catch phrase ‘Elementary, my dear Watson!’ Holmes does use the word ‘elementary’ in The Crooked Man (1894) but ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’ itself was coined 21 years later by P.G. Wodehouse in his novel Psmith, Journalist (1915). The phrase is also uttered at the very end of the 1929 film, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, the first Sherlock Holmes sound film