Ok a problem to solve,I like solving problems.
The cats have been catching birds too many birds. The birds have all been fledglings plus 2 nestlings which were really beaten up and already dead I think.
Solution 1 shoot the cats, tempting but nope
Solution 2 take the bird tables down nope tried that the silence has been deafening today,I don't like being here.
Solution 3 get the brain working and solve the problem.
Jenny and me tried to work it out last night but to be honest my mind wasn't in the right state to be thinking properly,a solution on similar lines o one of the many we talked about has crept slowly into my mind and like all solutions it is a simple one and doesn't involve wasting the cats
Ok the fledglings will all up and gone in a few days and the nests all empty.
Ellen has ordered some bells for the cats collars which actually ring,there's a novelty.
Next find a safe way for the birds to eat which I will have in place by Wednesday or Thursday,more on that later.
On a totally different subject I passed some time this morning reorganising my computer area. I have brought the pigeon hole unit to the centre back of the table instead of at the end. The monitor I have now is widescreen and lower that the old one so fits into the intended space perfectly, now I have more room on the surface,I like lots of room.

Right off to cook a Lasagne for dinner back later