I received a pair if sandals today just in time for the rain. Still they did spark a memory of a nice summer walk with Margaret many years ago. On a nice day we decided to lunch at the beach so made some buns up and stowed them together with crisps,bananas and cold drinks into the pack pack and set off.

We lunched on the bank watching adults and children alike frolicking in the sea,lunch over and the receding tide a foot or so deep on the nearest sandbank we decided on a stroll in the tide. Margaret took her sandals off and walked bare foot over pebble beach,something me being a wimp with sensitive feet couldn't manage. I took my trainers off at the waters edge and they along with the sandals were stowed in the back pack. We strolled nicely at first but as always it ended up in a water fight.Drenched but happy after an hour of this we returned farther down the beach to the rock pools and had a hunt for tiny creatures of which we found many. I donned my trainers again but Margaret remained bare footed as we climbed back up the pebbles crossed the road and had a couple of cooling beers sat outside the local watching the world go by.

We wandered home hand in hand still full of sand but happy with our little lunch out. Margaret walked home across pavements and roads still barefooted,she had cast iron feet I think
.A wonderful few hours away from it all.
Funny how a pair of sandals could spark a half forgotten memory from years ago and bring a smile to my face. I don't much care if the weather doesn't pick up for me to wear them now,it was worth buying them for the memory.