Today the summer went away again and a dark and left a cold dark rainy day
With this meaning I would be indoors a lot I decided to drag out and update my old computer I retreived from Ellen's X before he could abscond with it.
The idea was to have it in the small spare bedroom and run it one day a week to keep things in order. That's all by the board now as there is not enough room to store it there much less set it up.
The cables for it are in a box in the said room buried under mountains of Ellens stuff so I decided to run it on the monitor,mouse and keyboard from this one down here. This took a little while working under the table fishing cables out as I was but the job got done I set to and fired it up. Immediate messages for updates flashed up from Microsoft, virus checker and Adobe. first things first I ran an update and scan on the virus checker,all was clear,the Adobe reader was next I was leaving windows update until I turned off so it would install and close.
Then I did a disc clean up and got ride of loads of junk and finally defragged. The disc was in a terrible state with red lines all over the shop. Then I decided to see if Will had left any junk in and boy had he.Every page he visited he bookmarked. I did a complete history clear out and then set to seeing why I had a strange tool bar and Ask search on. I found 4 different tools bars had been added,he must have just let them in downloading his stupid games. So I went to control panel and deleted everyhing that was not needed. This meant another disc clean and defrag and all was running well. I finally closed down after the widows updates and got this machine plugged back in at 1:15 a job I started at 9:20.

I had a comical interlude with Zazzles the clown inbetween all this. I noticed Sooty staring intently at the door and turned to see Zazzles on top of the door trying to catch a crane-fly It flew past him and he turned to take a swipe knocked a picture off the wall and followed it onto the cabinet below with thump,he stood up and the picture slid onto the floor taking Zazzles with it. He retreated upstairs only to return a little later and peered sheepishly round the door. So a busy morning here time for lunch methinks. Catch you soon