Another glorious day here and I have done a little shopping now it is into the garden once more. Yesterday I cleared the grass and debris from under the gooseberry bushes and cut and edged the grass outback.Today I have the front grass to cut and edge and everything will start to look a little better. The seedlings are growing at a good rate they like the sunshine as much as I do.
Yesterday I got a good laugh,Ellen went out to take in the sun and relax after work. She took her ciggies out for a drag but forgot her lighter,she came back in picked the lighter up and returned only to see Zazzles eating the cigarette Ellen had left on top of the pack. You have to be alert with these cats. They are both out on adventures at the moment which is their normal morning routine,get fed and get out there seems to be the idea. They will look in and say hello now and again before wandering off again. right that's me clicking into work mode,catch you soon.