A full day in the garden in glorious weather today. I started this morning on the rose beds while the sun was on the front. I say rose beds they have been colonized by California Poppies self seeded from next door and very colourful they are. I weeded the 20ft stretch before taking a break for the first of many pints of orange and pineapple.
After lunch I started on the back and throughout the afternoon weeded 40ft of borders,there are a fair few surviving seedlings despite Sooty's best efforts to destroy them. I moved the driftwood to the corner because I have bluebells seeded there and come next spring with a bit of luck there should be a good show.
I took a few snaps which I posted. My favourites are one of Ellen soaking up the rays,a visiting Magpie and a young Starling that hopped onto the window sill for a look see.

The kitties don't like the sun one little bit and have been trying to find cool places to park their bums.
Chicken and pasta for tea when it gets a little cooler.
Today has been very productive and enjoyable apart from an incident,it involved Sooty of course. I was weeding near the back border when I got the unmistakable whiff of fresh cat crap. Looking round I saw Sooty not 3 ft away having a dump. Thanks Sooty. Back soon to catch up.
Photos here.

Quote of the day

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a gardener is to think you're in charge.