Another sunny day and a colourful visitor. I spotted a goldfinch while having breakfast and took a

couple of snaps
After lunch the garden beckoned and with a gentle breeze it was ideal for working. Today's project was to clear the grass from the bases of the fruit bushes and I got a snap of Zazzles using a blackcurrant bush for shade,he soon skifted when he heard the strimmer.I cleared a lot with the strimmer before it was hands and knees time using the little hand rake,the same tool as Jenny uses on her weeds on the drive and a splendid piece of kit it is.

I got a shot of Sooty laying on the rubbish heap,he is a little scruff bag and a spiky caterpillar having a munch on a blackcurrant leaf.Work over it was time to clean the tools and tidy up.My lower back is a bit iffy with the strimming but a little massage on the machine should sort that.
I have another photo for you one I took on Monday of boats on the channel. There is no particular reason for posting this apart from the fact I like it.
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Oh I nearly forgot the little wild flower border.Seedlings popping up all over,photo there as well

Fact of the day
Curt Herzstark invented the first pocket calculator while being held prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp.