The best weather so far this year,or last for that matter.We have sunshine all the way and no breeze to speak of I spent time in the garden attacking the bad guysand sat awhile.Ilittle white cloud cover forecast for tomorrow the sunshine all the way for the next few days. The poor kitties are brozened trying to finda shady spot to lay in.

I got a new voile curtain for the front window,the other was getting on a bit and slight;y too long. The new one looks a lot better. When I took the old curtain down I just dropped it on the floor while I washed the window frames down before putting the new one up. Zazzles spotted a chance for a game of hide and seek with his little stuffed mice. When he tired of the game and I moved the curtain I found 4 mice inside it. Bsack into the sun for a while catch you later