After a morning with patchy cloud the sun won the battle this afternoon and Ellen and me spent some time in the garden. She was lying down soaking up the rays while I did a little weeding interspersed with sitting on my little deckchair. My knees were out getting a little fresh air it and was really pleasant. When it was time to eat and not feeling like spending a sunny day inside I slammed a large Lasagna in the oven and let it do it's thing.As a lot of people know I am not big on ready meals but now and again they are fine especially when the sunshine is beckoning and this was a delicious Lasagna and a very good portion each. Something I will buy again when next in town a put in the freezer.

Tea over and pots washed it was back into the garden to catch a little more sun. John was out working so I had to stop him for a chat. It's the law in these parts if you see anybody working you are obliged to stop them for a chat. I was only out there about 30minutes when the dulcet tones of the ice cream van regaled my ears. The meant a trip to the freezer for some Carte Dor strawberry ice cream packed with strawberries yummy stuff.

Jenny finally got around to Skype video and called me a little earlier which was nice. when she hung up I went and had a final sit in the sun and then gave my seedlings a drink before calling it a day and going for an evening stroll. A perfect ending to a lovely sunny day,well not quite the ending I still have the main event to come.Jenny's 11pm phone call,I may crack a beer open for that I think.
We have been talking almost every night for an hour for over 4 years and never run out of topics of conversation which some people find amazing. We have family news to exchange as well as anything that crops up in the wide world and our jet setting daily lives so it's never a problem,in fact we are always surprised when the hour is up. Catch you soon time for a brew