I walked over to town for a little shopping in Iceland this morning.
The contrast between Sunday and Monday morning is an eye opener.
Sunday a few cars in no hurry to get anywhere and pedestrians taking their time wandering across in both directions. Folk with time for a cheery hello.

Monday,as there is no real employment on the island there are around 4,000 people crossing the bridge to get to work. 3 feeder roads lead to the bridge, the only way off the island. Cars are jammed up and tempers fraying,pedestrians are weaving between them to cross the road and when they reach the other side are in danger of the cyclists hurtling along the pavements to dodge the mayhem on the road.
No stopping to gaze at the views here or cheery good morning greetings,it's like a mobile Bedlam.

It was good to get to the other side and cut through the aptly named Little Haven where all was peaceful and I could hear the birds singing. The walk home was a totally different matter,a few folks wandering around, cheery " Nice day for it" and " Lovely morning" greetings were around and all was at peace again. That is until this evening when the whole battle will begin again as tired and pissed off with work people try to get to the sanctuary of the homes.At last all is calm but only until tomorrow.

Fact of the day
In the 1950s, Las Vegas crowned a Miss Atomic Bomb.

Not very PC as they say nowadays