Another good day here and with my back in normal mode I decided to cut the grass. Now it is just a weekly trim I just walk behind the little hover and let it do it's work. I did the front this morning then a break for lunch. I had no re-action from my back so then I tackled the larger back section. Another nice easy job and still no screams of stop from my back. A couple of hours break and I finished off with the last and by far the smallest in the back. A good job done and still moving freely.I didn't attempt to strim the sides because that needs a twisting movement ( a little like using a scythe) and it not easy on the back

Settled with a coffee I decided to try my new toy. This is a back and shoulder massager with an inflatable lumber section. You can turn on lower back,upper back or shoulders and neck with two settings on each high and low. The switch is a simple device and lets me turn any or all on and off which is good when my shoulders and neck tighten up and I just want that one on.Also heat is an option for any section.

Sooty has found a new way to get into mischief and a new place to hide things.He has learned to open the doors on the little cabinet. This is apart from his other new game. He keeps digging the primroses up and I keep replanting them,yesterday the game took a new twist, he actually brought me a primrose and dropped it at my feet. How can you be angry at a cat with big saucer eyes that brings you such nice gifts, after all they are much much better than having a dead creature dropped at your feet.He really is a bandit.

P.S Sooty just brought me a grass stalk,all chewed up mind but it's the thought that counts. Maybe I shouldn't have petted him and told him how clever he was when he started bringing me gifts. I have just noticed he is wearing a spiders web on his head,maybe it's the latest in feline fashion.

For you folks who didn't like the sound of haggis this might be more to your taste.
Today being Saturday it is my no cooking day and Ellen's turn to pay for the take away from the local chippy. She had Jumbo sausage and chips I had Steak pudding and chips and we shared a large tub of gravy. Very tasty