Another nice day here but any thought of getting into the garden was a non-starter. I had a massive back spasm when I got up so an easy day is called for. The physio did tell me that the back trouble will gradually worsen as I get older so I have to pace myself. I think the time in the garden yesterday on top of the7 mile walk was overdoing it. The thing is I do get restless just sat around but as nothing more can be done for my back I just have to live with it,people suffer from a lot worse so I have no need to complain.

I rescued this little creature from the jaws and claws of Zazzles earlier. He is tiny not much bigger that my thumb nail.A cute little fella I think. I gave him refuge in the bushes so he should be OK.

Salad for tea today with some lovely ham,off to make it now,catch you soon.

Charles Dickens wrote and slept facing north, aligning himself with the poles of the earth.