A ropey morning turned into a sunny afternoon. So out with the tools and a session clearing some bad guys from the borders. There are a lot of seedlings coming along in the parts that are not being used as a cat toilet.
Before I went out I took a snap of a fledgling starling Ellen spotted on the birdbath. He is a cute little fella. If you notice all the debris in the water like me you may wonder where the hell it all comes from. The batch was cleaned and filled with fresh water at 6:30 this morning.

Another snap for you this one of Zazzles exhausted after battering his toys into submission.

Prudish Victorians altered the word 'strumpet' to 'trumpet' throughout Shakespeare's works. This resulted in a line from Cymbeline reading: 'Thy mistress, Pisanio, hath played the trumpet in my bed'.