A fine morning at last so time for my postponed trip to mother's. I left the cats sleeping and wandered over the bridge and through the little haven and a last a little colour is appearing.I decided to cut across town instead of along the channel side as this took me past ASDA where I picked up some pipe fodder. From there onto the Rezza and a lttle flora and fauna to snap before carrying on to mothers and a welcome sit down.
I took snaps of the little bosai I got her to grow from seed,it looks to be thriving. I spent an hour or two there before dragging my weary bones back on the trail home. Almost 7 miles in today and I fell fine considering I have been out of action in the walking department. Time for a brew
.photos posted. Click here

Fact of the day

Convicted poisoners in England between 1531 and 1547 were boiled alive.