The local rag ran a piece about a local children's charity and it's desperate need for donations. I came across it on my google news reader and rang them straight away. It seems they can get upwards of £1 each for music Cd's and a lot more for music and film DVDs. I have around 300 lying there gathering dust so it was a perfect solution for me to get rid and them to make a few bob in a good cause.
It seems since the piece was in the paper only a few hours ago their phone has been red hot with offers of stuff and the lady I spoke to was very upbeat and they will pick them up tomorrow. Just shows you what a little advertising can do

Fact of the day
Holding the key of a church door was once thought to be a remedy against the bite of a mad dog.

Quote of the day
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

MILTON BERLE (1908-2002)