I cooked 10 large juicy pork spare ribs today. Ellen was on a 9 hour shift so would get fed around midday and I had a good lunch. This give me the idea of a bit of finger food,so I slammed the ribs in the oven and searched the cupboards for some ingredients for a pouring sauce. This is what I concocted.
4 tablespoons of orange marmalade,1tablespoon of tomato ketchup,2 level tablespoons of sugar ( I used muscavado ) 1 tablespoon of Worcester sauce, lemon juice and ginger to taste. I poured a little boiling water over it and blitzed it in the microwave oven on 1,000 watts for 2 minutes.
The result was really tasty and any hopes of a couple of ribs for later was soon banished as we scoffed the lot. Finger bowls and napkins are a must if you don't want to end up as messy as I did.Not a healthy meal but I really don't care.

Fact of the day
As a baby, Oliver Cromwell was abducted by his grandpa's pet monkey.