I thought I would follow Summer's and Gracie's footsteps and take a shot of where it all happens here. It can't be called a workplace with me being retired but it is where I spend most of the time I am indoors. This is the only chair I can sit on for any length of time in some degree of comfort so I surround myself with stuff I may need. On the right a crossword puzzle book and underneath it an e book reader. Beside it my all purpose side table which serves as a dining table,reading/writing area and place for pipe tobacco etc. Underneath is a bedside cabinet which fills the job of storage perfectly for printer paper inks ,blank discs recipe books and other assorted odds and ends. The other end of the table is a place for external computer fittings,hard drive,disc burner and cables for them and other stuff. top left is a little area for my medication and related things.On the top is mugs with pens,pencils,pipe cleaners and small bits plus lighter fuels. Behind the chair is the window overlooking the garden so I get a good view of the birds The green cushion is one of a pair Jenny made me by the way.