A much better day today. I wandered over the bridge for my normal Sunday morning trip to the shops.
There are no colours appearing in the little haven yet but I did get very close to a young rabbit for a snap.

In the end the first splash of colour in the plant world came in Morrisons car park an very bright and cheerful it was. On returning home a had lunch then spent some time in the garden. I pulled 9 rhubarbs sticks and gave them to my neighbour Allan who was out messing with his van. This of course meant a break to discuss the important things in the world,such as who would win in the last round of footie games today and can England knock over New Zealand to win the first cricket Test Match of the year which they are well on the way to doing.
By the time we had put the world to rights it was brew time and by the time it was over a full two hours had now gone by since I went out and all to show for it was a little rhubarb cut.
I picked up a packet of flax seed while I was out and sowed them around in various places that looked a little bare.They are called Scarlet-Linum and look very good the photo on the packet,time will tell.
Back off into the sun,catch you later.

Fact of the day
The last man to be sent to prison in the UK for blasphemy was John William Gott. In 1922 he was

sentenced to nine months' hard labour for comparing Jesus to a circus clown.