A fine start to the day promised well but mid morning a heavy shower appeared and drenched everything including two cats playing chase in the garden. Zazzles made a dash for the door but Sooty strolled in very casually and demanded to be dried. I think he gets wet just because he enjoys being dried. Zazzles on the other hand won't be dried at any price. The rain blew through and the sun came back between more threatening cloud and dried everything again. The ground was nice and soft after the rain so I did some weeding. I had help in the form of Sooty,he just loves rolling in freshly turned soil so you can imagine the state he got in rolling around in the damp earth. I took a couple of the cats toys outside for them to play in the sun while I tidied round and they had a great time leaping about. I cleaned the tools and left the kitties to it and next time I glanced out they had vanished. Peace reigns for the time being.
This morning before the mayhem started I took a couple of snaps.
The first is Sooty giving me that haughty look cats reserve for mere mortals.

10 minutes later and he was trying to kill my sheepskin slippers.

Embarrassed at his brother's stupidity poor Zazzles couldn't look.

OH Dear
John Kendrick was an American sea captain who put into Honolulu Harbour in 1794 and was killed by the cannon which was fired to salute him