After a gloomy start we had sunshine today. The wind was still raw but the sun always makes things look cheery The flowers are starting to appear on my Rosemary bush which is a good sign. I managed to give all the grass back and front a mow,very easily done after just one week between cutting. I will keep that up if the weather lets me.

A couple of visitors appeared tonight, Gemma and Carl came round for a couple of hours,it's always nice to see them Carl has his driving test theory exam in three weeks so he has been boning up on the highway code.
Now all is quiet Ellen is away to bed for another early start tomorrow,up at 5:15 for work at 6:00, the cats are out after being fed and and all is a peace in my little corner of the world. The next event is Jenny's 11:00pm call which I always look forward to. I have a couple of beers at the ready and my brier pipe is full and waiting. Catch you soon

Fact of the day
80% of the population of Iceland refuses to rule out the existence of elves.

Quote of the day
Love is a perky elf dancing a merry jig and then he suddenly turns on you with a miniature machine gun.