A couple of your very nice comments about my food have prompted this blog
I learned to cook out of necessity.When Margaret was fighting the cancer she wasn't up to cooking or much of anything some days. We knew fast growing tumurs signaled a earlier rather than later death. She told me on one of her good days that I was going to learn to cook as she didn't want me living off junk food when she had gone. We began that very day starting with simple things and building up until I was confident enough to do a full English roast lamb dinner, complete with my own gravy and sauces. I must admit the task that worried me the most was the timing so everything cooked at the same time but I managed it. The bonus was Margaret was in good fettle that day and ate a full plateful.That day was also the day I fell in love with cooking. I was by no means proficient but improved with every dish I cooked apart from the odd backward step my punishment for which was a smart smack on the head with a big wooden spoon.It was either suffer headaches or improve,I chose the latter. I will always be grateful for the lessons Margaret gave me and her telling me that I should enjoy the cooking as much as the eating. She was the love of my life, my harbour in stormy seas and I still miss her dreadfully after all these years. I find myself asking her when a more complex dish has gone well "What do you think of that old girl" I think she would be pleased.