I made a dash for freedom today before cabin fever set in and I ate the cats. The weather is still lousy but I manage a stroll to town without getting wet. That's if you can call a quick paced walk buffeted by strong winds a stroll. I called for pipe fodder first as usual then up to B&M for fat balls,kitchen towels, choccy biscuits,soup, pasta and a small gammon joint for dinner. I will do that with potatoes Sauteed in olive oil,butter,a crushed garlic clove and some rosemary. for the Gammon I will make a honey and mustard sauce. Fresh garden peas garnished with mint will finish the dish.
Next stop was Wilko's for milk and food for the cats then home again for a nice quiet chew and a brew. On that front the cats thought otherwise and tear-arsed around like things possessed. All is quiet now they tired themselves out and when to bed.I picked up a packet of Calendula seeds while I was in Wilko's, they are a daisy mix the package states and attract bees and butterflies.I just noticed that the petals are edible and can be used in salads,I hope the cats don't read that. Time for lunch methinks,catch you soon. Oh nearly forgot here's a snap of Zazzles, tired out after playtime

Fact of the day
68% of Americans believe in the Devil.