A lousy day with wind and driving rain here. I have been cabined up with two cats of a mischievous nature. after lunch little spells of sunshine broke out soon replaced by heavy hail showers.

Last night after giving the cats a few treats Ellen left the open bag on the coffee table. Zazzles discovered this later and with one swipe of his paw knocked it off sending Smartie sized treats in all directions. I don't know how many he ate before a got to them but he had a smug look on his face.

A much sadder sight met my eyes when I got up this morning,on the kitchen floor was a dead sparrow. There was no blood and no signs of a struggle so the poor little fella must have been dead when he was brought home.It is possible it was already dead when the cat or cats found it judging by Sooty's ineptitude at hunting and Zazzles fear of birds. I questioned the only two suspects but was greeted by a conspiracy of silence from the feline defendants. Sooty is favourite to have committed the offence as he is the least gormless of the two. I wrapped the lifeless remains in tissue and buried it deep in the rose patch out front.
On he Keswick to Barrow I mention earlier the first home was a full 30 minutes behind the record time

Fact of the day
Louis XIV's dentist once split the king's upper jaw so badly that when he drank, liquid spurted from his nose.