Morning rain gave way to patchy sunshine and it is pretty warm. After the garden birds and cats were fed and watered I went for a look see in the flower beds. As expected there are patches where the cats have done their ablutions and elsewhere weeds have sprung up all over the place overnight as always. In between the mayhem there are little patches of green appearing which looks promising if the cats don't destroy too much more. I hope my friend was right about the rain washing cat crap toxins away,she has cats so she should know. The primrose the little buggers dug up(twice) is dead the remaining three look sturdy enough,a day or two of sunshine would help things along but we are due more rain.
I was about to go and destroy some weeds while the ground is soft but the rain is back GGRRR

People who have dogs will know if you take them for walks them want to bring a trophy home,an old stick or something. Ellen's cat Sooty does the same when he has been out,two or three times a day he will appear with a grass stalk or a piece of twig in his mouth,I am forever picking them up,Zazzles on the other hand keeps finding plastic garden twine,from where I know not.