I have decided to abandon all hope on any flowers this year.The side with the fruit bushes I had thought of seeding with poppies but Sooty and Zazzles are making every piece of ground I ready for seeding a cat toilet as well as the parts already seeded,one of them has dug up a primrose for the second time and they have caused I don't know how much damage elsewhere since I seeded. The plan now is just to let the grass take a hold. The sink I was going to fill with compost and seed with herbs I am now going to ditch and back fill the hole. My garden won't have any colour this year I don't think so no help for the bees and butterflies.Life is a little sadder without colour.The novelty of the cats has wore off now the damage they are causing outweighs the pleasure they give,Zazzles was sick all over my new carpet this morning,not a good start to the day.
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