Things are returning to normal today,well what passes for normal since my lodgers arrived. The cats are out as they have been most of the day only coming home to eat and have their mid afternoon siesta.
Ellen is finding out that cats can't tell the time. She is usually up around 5 for work at 6 or 6:30 but this week she is on front of house so it's 9-5. Zazzles can't grasp this idea and woke her up with a face wash at 5,good old Zazzles I say.
Another fine day so I wandered off past the little park and on to the little wild area,a lovely walk but there is not a lot of colour yet. I took a photo of a small plot with bedding plants in it at the park entrance and a couple of odd shots on the way through.
After lunch I tackled the other side of my back garden and now the place is beginning to look as though it belongs to somebody. A way to go before any blooms appear but all is set if the weather is kind.
Photos here
Fact of the day
Scorpions navigate by starlight.