I remember my first dance,it was in the early sixties. We only went because they had a late bar and the pubs shouted last orders at 10:30 and we were out by 10:45.
The venue was the Public Hall a vast building with steps leading to swing doors. Inside there was ornate stairway leading to 3 large cinema style doors behind which was the dance floor. On entering the first thing I noticed was the large shiny ball on the ceiling revolving and sending shafts of multi-coloured light across the floor. At the far end was a small stage with a 7 piece band playing a Glenn Miller number, no big amplifiers or stage effects just the band. The walls on each side had end to end mirrors with chairs in front,no tables for drinks just chairs. To the right was the bar where most of the males were clustered,a few girls were dancing in small groups around their handbags. There were a few couples dancing but not many. I went to the dance hall three of four times but never danced and by that time all the hotels and pubs with large enough rooms had a group playing and we got our first night club. You could catch a group every night of the week in one place or other. The Public Hall only lasted a little longer and the building was pulled down. In it's place there is now a car park,it was a great pity to see a fine old building go but this was the sixties progress was the name of the game and the old was soon dispatched. I don't think they could have done it nowadays with most old buildings being protected to some degree or other.