A sunny but day but a cold wind is spoiling it. I still managed an hour or so in the garden clearing the old wildflower patch and strimming it after looking for any emerging goodies. Apart from the Sweet William and Forget me nots I spied earlier I have found another clump of each,another plant I regognise,a tiny plant with fern type leaves and two large healthly looking fellas,I am not sure if they are goodies or baddies so for the moment they stay until my neighbour takes a peep at them. He retired as head gardener for the council and seems to know every plant every grown. I clear a space out round the Sweet William and sowed some seeds and dug another little patch in what I hope is a dry area and did the same. I have seeds for another three or four small plots like those but that's for another day. I was surprised to see green shoots in the Bluebell patch as the pack stated they were very unlikely to show until next spring,other than the Daffodils which are battling gamely on after the wind flattened them the garden is looking very bare. I hope for a good summer and plenty of blooms for the wildlife to enjoy, it can hardly be as bad as the last two,or can it?

Fact of the day
The phrase 'OMG' meaning 'Oh my God' dates back to 1917.

It seems the old saying "There's nothing new under the sun" is true