With the work done for today and all seeds sown,tools cleaned and put away. (see earlier blog) My little helpers Sooty and Zazzles had a break before dinner, a chicken casserole it was delicious delicious
. A Chinook flew over when I was waiting for dinner to cook (see photos)
I found a little gem in the wilderness that was a wild flower-patch with one or two more promising plants emerging. They are too small to identify yet although with my lack of knowledge in the flower department they will be when they mature. If they look pretty they stay if not they are for the chop.I only have the wilderness to tame now the grass to edge neatly and that side of the garden is about done,well apart from the grass needing a trim. A job for tomorrow if the rain holds off. My back is holding up fine not even a twinge today,the morning will tell if all is well again.