I am seeding 15ft of the back border with the assorted wild flowers. I am taking a break now 10ft or so along not wanting to overdo the heavy work so soon after my session with the physio. The soil is still slightly damp and warm so it should be a good start for the seeds I hope. The patch in front of it that was my large wildflower patch is still holding water and I see little hope of it improving unless we get a long dry spell. This being the case I am tempted to hack it back taking care to preserve the Sweet William because that bloomed last year when all else failed. I will check for other likely looking shoots,let them grow and see how things pan out. You never know with the dregs of the wildflower seeds broadcast and any survivors that hid below ground last year I might get a little meadow effect.

The patch of land in the photo might not seem very exciting to you but the cats love it. It is the view over my back garden wall, a scruffy piece of land with a sub power station at the far end. Not much to look at but to the cats it must seem like paradise after the back streets,back to back houses and high walls of their old neighbourhood in the town centre. The grass is only trimmed in Spring and then left until Autumn so lots of things to explore as the year goes on. They have an additional feature at the moment, a boat being prepared for the season. I bet they have been exploring that. Back later
Fact of the day
Backpfeifengesicht is German for 'a face that makes you want to hit it'.

Quote of the day
I have a face that is a cross between two pounds of halibut and an explosion in an old clothes closet.

DAVID NIVEN (1913-83)