I lovely morning for a stroll so I did my loosening up exercises and headed for Mother's, a good test for my back. I took things at a nice pace. I skirted the top when I got to level three that was enough climbing for the first day. I got to mother's without any bits dropping off and settled in to swop the family news. A while later my sister Pat and her hubby Joe arrived so more gossip to exchange. when it was time to leave Pat and Joe were coming to the island,they have a mobile home down the south end. They offered me a lift and I was only to glad to accept as when I tried to rise my back had stiffened a little so best not overdo it.
Back home Ellen was painting the window in her room and the cats were snoring. The cats soon woke up and demanded a belly rub and then some grub before heading out on an adventure,Ellen demanded neither and carried on spreading paint around. Some even got to where she was aiming the rest on her hands in her hair and on the glass of the window. Silly girl didn't mask the job up first.
After Cornish pasties for lunch all is quiet again Ellen back to her painting and the cats home from the wide world and snoozing. All is at peace and the egg chasers are about to start on the box. here is a snap on big zoom of a Red Shank feeding.
Catch you soon