Very achy after today's pummeling so it is a rest day. Dinner was a sausage and bacon casserole in the slow cooker on a bed of boiled spuds with carrots so not a lot of prepping and standing around. I hope to be a lot suppler by tomorrow for a trip to mother's.
We might be set for a dry spell so I may get out into the garden again on Sunday.

You may remember a couple of days ago I posted a photo of a box of retro sweets that Ellen bought for Gemma.
Well she also ordered one for herself only being Ellen it had to be a large one. This box is 12"x8" and inside between nice girlie pink tissue paper are 4 layers of sweets of all kinds. photo below
A neighbour gave me a bottle of Budweiser so I thought I would take a swig watching the game. I managed a quarter of it before I gave up and poured the rest down the sink,it really is a terrible drink even worse than the dingo piss Fosters sell. I'm off to watch the second half with a glass of Old Speckled Hen a proper English beer

Fact of the day:
In 2008 a lock of Jane Austen's hair was sold at auction for £5,640.