Last night the wind howled. A force 8 gale roared in soon to be a strong gale 9 with winds of 55 mph.These are nowhere near as strong as some of you witness but strong enough to be slightly worrying. The cats wanted out so I obliged. Sooty came back in 15 minutes complaining,he really didn't like it/ Zazzles on the other hand completely ignored it and came wandering back after an hour or so had some biscuits and a drink and wandered off for another hour or so before settling for the night/

I am a watering can light having lost mine to the overnight storm but I have gained a plastic bucket and a piece of my neighbour's green house.
It is still unpleasantly windy so I haven't be out to check on the rest of the garden yet although I notice the daffodils have survived,they are at an angle but that's no big deal.

Fact of the day
Aulophobia is the fear of flutes.