Well the morning dawned dark and damp but at least my back was a lot better. A few gentle exercises and I had loosen up and was ready for the day. My hamstrings were tight as always after the first work day in the garden. It wasn't always thus of course. Yesterdays session was only a small part of what I would have got done a while back but pacing myself is the name of the game nowadays.
I found myself loose enough after a couple of coffees to sow the seeds in the prepared border. So very carefully and slowly I sowed the bluebells and English Country garden mix. I noticed they are all perennials by the way not a mix as I thought. We have had a couple of hours of gently rain since which will give them a good start.

In keeping with the not cooking proper meals day Ellen turned up trumps. She was out seeing friends this afternoon and rang to suggest fish and chips for tea,a offer I couldn't refuse so she called at the chippy and we had a good fill of comfort food.
Now I am just relaxing in between little sessions of exercise just to loosen my back.

Catch you soon.

Fact of the day
The word 'subtize' means 'to perceive the number of objects in a small group without actually counting them'.