I put a good shift in this afternoon. I got the side and back corner of the border done all ready for seeding. It is south facing, I have bluebells seeds prepared for the corner and I am putting English cottage garden flower seeds along the side. Some are annuals some hardy annuals and some are perennials. They are strongly scented so should help the beleaguered bees and attract butterflies. Seeding in the next couple of days if my back holds out.I was intending to do the rear border as well but my back was screaming stop you fool so I did. The cats were a great help tangling themselves up in my legs and climbing on my back when I was kneeling before tiring of that game and laying down in the sun for a snooze,something they are very good at.

I had the afore mentioned casserole in the oven, another one pot wonder so dinner was easy and Ellen was on kitchen duties when we finished. I am sat here just trying to get my back comfy,I feel pretty ropey at the moment but the liniment should kick in soon and ease it.
part two of the gardening tomorrow will be postponed I think as will any strolling but you can never tell with my crazy back I could be as right as ninepence by tomorrow.