An early start for Ellen today. After 6 days of 6:00 starts she has the weekend off so planned a lie in. The only thing is she didn't tell Zazzles he woke her up just before 5.
Oh the joys of having cats

We had a surprise visitor this morning,my son Stephen appeared with two bags of laundry. Thanks to Gemma his new washing machine is broken. The wire underpinning in one of her bras came loose and tangled itself in the drum. The result a £65 call out fee plus parts as it is not covered under the guarantee. Still it was a bonus for me he stayed while the wash was done giving us time to catch up on things going on.

I nice sunny day perfect for finishing the back lawn but my back disagrees so it will be a job for tomorrow. I did get a nice morning stroll and found some folk to chat with which is always good.

Time for the footie then baked spuds with grated cheese and sausage and beans on the side for tea.
Fact of the day
In Tibet they add yak butter and salt to their tea.

Quote of the day
She looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth - or anywhere else.