The day begins with Ellen rising early for a 6am start.

5:10 Ellen will have let the cats out into the garden before grabbing a coffee and a fag and strolling over the bridge to work. She should be finished by 1:30 today.

6:45 I rumbled down turned on the kettle and sorted the bird feeders. No sign of the cats.

7:05 Sooty returns and says Hello before rolling on his back for a belly rub

7:15 Zazzles returns for the same treatment. I fed both cats and they wandered off to bed.

8:10 Sooty comes down again says hello and wanders off into the garden thus setting the pattern for the day. When he returns Zazzle will wander off and so it goes on until siesta time.

No grass cutting today I don't think, my back is in a bad mood and letting me know about it.

So that's a typical start to my day,nice and peaceful lets hope it continues.

P.S 8:20 Sooty returns and wants to play

Fact of the day
'Yawn for the Cheshire cheese' was an old English Christmas game in which whoever did the biggest yawn would get a lump of cheese.

They did have exciting games back then