Another cold sunny day but the wind has gone so I decided on the first grass cut of the year. I mowed and strimmed the front both sides and it was not as much hard work as I feared, so that's stage one done.
Stage two is the jungle out the back a much sterner task but that's for tomorrow.

Stage three the hardest of all turning last years flower patch back into something that will take my wildflower seeds,that will take a few hours a day for a week or so.
We are still getting overnight frost so there is no panic it's how hard the ground is that will decide the time it takes,not to mention keeping my old back in some sort of order because it does complain at too much mistreatment.

Her is a photo of Sooty,he stops playing to pose for photos.

Here is Zazzles fast asleep,I didn't use the flash because it would have woken him so the quality is not great.

Fact of the day
Only about 24,000 human genes have been identified; people have roughly as many components as a London bus.