I said a last farewell to John last night. He was the last of the Walney posse to go. So from a total of 7 now I am the only one in town. Well the only live one anyway,there's three in the graveyard but they're no fun. John is off with his son and D.I.L to a new life in Gloucester,they have new jobs down there.I don't know how he will manage not being near the sea gazing upon the magical Black Combe I know I need my daily fix. I made him a framed copy of my favourite photo of the channel and the combe (the one I got blew up and made into a canvas) as a farewell gift.

We cracked open a few bottles of classic ales and beers and told tall tales of daring do about the posse at it's Zenith. Days walking the island and swimming in the cold Irish sea or a pub lunch outside a local hostelry some times all together but mostly in twos and threes,nights playing pool and dominoes in a local house of refreshment and cheery good nights as we wandered home,John and me always the last to part.

Great days we will never see the like of again.We go back almost 50 years John and I and have never had a fall out,I will miss him.

A new walking season beckons for me and maybe new pals to find along the way, life goes on and fresh adventures await.

A fresh morning after another very cold night here,off shopping when the streets are aired

Fact of the day
Bedbugs can go for a whole year without eating. They stay in bed all day and go out at night.