A freezing cold night followed by a not much warmer day here. Ellen let the cats out at 5:30 on her way to work by 7:00 when I surfaced they were both back. They stayed awhile before Sooty took off followed shortly later by Zazzles who was first back for a belly rub and a snooze before heading out again. Sooty returned had a belly rub and fell asleep,the Zazzles came back and Sooty went out. This went on all morning until 12:30 when they both come in so I gave them a food pouch. The afternoon has followed the same pattern one or both in or out. Now I don't know if either is in or out.

Now they are both sleeping and gathering their strength for tonight escapades

Ellen brought me a little treat home yesterday, a mini Smartie chocolate duck of sorts. 15 Smarties in it which I thought impossible but there were indeed 15 in it all the size of Asprin tablets,still it was OK.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.