A test for the cats was on the cards for today. Ellen let them out around 5:30 before heading off to work and I was going to Iceland for a food shop at 8:30 so a little while outside for them. They came in before I left as it happens and promptly went to sleep so I left them to it. £40 spent shopping not bad because I usually spent in the £30s. Ellen did bring some freezer stuff with her so that all helps. Back home again and the cats were playing nicely with no damage I can see so I opened the door for them. They were quite happy staying in for a while before venturing off on new adventures. Now I am awaiting to food delivery between 11 and 1 and apart from making dinner (lamb chops today) the jobs are all done.

Good news today a firm in Scotland is the first in the UK to be fined over cold calls. A £90,000 penalty will make them and other companies think their policies again I think

Fact of the day
The hemline index is supposed to predict how the market will fare. Coined in 1926 by US economist George Taylor, the idea has been spookily accurate. When skirts get shorter, the market goes up.

Quote of the day
An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today.

EVAN ESAR (1899-1995)