Another rainy day yesterday so of course I had to go out.I needed to pick my new goggles up and get some pipe fodder.
I left the kitties creating mayhem and headed off. I scooted round not wanting to leave them for too long and when I returned they were sleeping.They woke up and looked all innocent a bad sign in cats. I had a look around for signs of damage and the only thing they had managed to wreck was the net curtain on the toilet window which was lying on the floor pole and all. Zazzles will be the culprit as he has took to sitting on there to listen to the pigeons sitting outside.We have had no accidents bowel wise they are very good at going where they were shown so that's a bonus.
They enjoyed their first day out and roaming coming back at intervals to check we were still here I guess. Tailend Charlie getting home was Sazzles it was around 11:30 when he decided he had explored enough. He had some grub and wandered off upstairs.When I went up he was fast asleep on my bed and was there when I woke up. All quiet with them this morning for now anyway.

Catch you soon

Fact of the day
In 1890, out of 22,500 primary schools in England, only 414 taught history.