Happy St Patrick's day to all.

The first full day of the full house starts,well it started at 6:30am when Sooty decided he wanted somebody to talk to so he pawed me awake and told me some tale,maybe the cats had decided between them that they would allow me to stay who know? which was very kind of them.

They both followed me downstairs had some breakfast and a look at the birds through the window then went back upstairs to be with Ellen no doubt. All is quiet for now but that won't last when Ellen finally emerges. She won't be up early because on weekdays she starts work at 6:00 AM

Stephen came round for a couple of beers last night followed by granddaughter Gemma and her boy friend Aaron,that pair stayed until nearly midnight so had a chat with Jenny.
No plans for today apart from settling my new lodgers in and maybe a trip to the shops,catch you later folks

Fact of the day
Aristotle believed that the Sun went round the Earth, that intelligence was located in the heart, and that the brain was a device for cooling the blood. He also taught that flies had four legs