Well the move is over but there is a lot to sort out just to get into the bedroom,bombsite is the only description that comes close.
On the plus side the kitties seem to have settled, Sazzles made friends straight away and settled down on the settee,Sooty sulked and hid behind it for a while but soon fell under my spell and after exploring the room and eying the garden up they both had a catnap,a sure sign that they have settled.
All is quiet now and Stephen and Gemma are coming round tonight for a few beers. Carl is working so he can't.
I have a few photos showing the mess and the kitties. The black one is Sooty the Grey is Sazzles.
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Fact of the day
Sigmund Freud destroyed 14 years' worth of notes, letters and manuscripts in order to confound future biographers.

Quote of the day
I don't think anybody should write his autobiography until after he is dead.