A lovely morning but a very cold one still minus 3c at 9 o'clock feeling a lot colder with a strong north easterly coming in over the snow clad fells.

I was off to visit mother and give her a belated Mothering Sunday gift. I got her a wisteria bonsai kit. There are three small pots a seed for each and compost to suit. She does miss her garden so this will give her something to tend. I flashed the pass and caught a bus to half a mile of so from her house,I didn't fancy tackling the channel side walk and big climb in this cold. We had a good old gossip catching up on family news before I headed homeward. I was glad to get back in the house and warm some soup up which I will devour with crusty bread.after I post this
I took photos of the birds an the old reservoir part of which is frozen over as were my bird baths when I got back.Click Here

Fact of the day
Lipstick can still contain lead, but no more than 20 parts per million; arsenic, but no more than 3 parts per million; and mercury, but no more than one part per million.