I have just about finished the big clearance one or two more little things to ditch and I'm done. My son Stephen came round to help me move the divan beds and chest of drawers out ready for collection and I have the stuff ready for the scrap man so all is under control. Now I await the whirlwind that is Ellen and her two crazed moggies.

As you know Jenny is staying with her daughter for a few days but we still have our late night telephone conversations.
The latest news is she spent some time yesterday (Saturday) altering some of Mandi's clothes and she had her hair coloured and cut.Today Mandi is treating her to a posh dinner for Mothering Sunday and her son Tony is traveling up to see her. She will know doubt give you details and photos when she .She is home Monday but sounds very tired so maybe Tuesday she will report in.

This morning the rain stopped at last so despite a bitter north easterly I layered up and wandered over town. I only need a few odds and end so no need to flash to bus pass I walked both ways. I got 2½ miles in bringing the months total to a measly 10 mile but I am ready to go again now weather permitting,lunch time catch you soon I posted a few snaps from today Click here.

Fact of the day
Cows have about 25,000 taste buds - two and a half times as many as people - but all they eat is grass.